His work is liked by:
RilovaElvira, Tabula Rasa Gallery,

The Dancing Man Mask
ELLE ( family portrait series)


Lives and works at Paris : France

Born 26/11/76


MAIN STUDIES: 2000/ 2004: Fine Arts Degree / Sculpture Mention. Universidad de Chile. Santiago, CHILE 2004 / 2006: MBA diploma Cultural Management for fine arts.Universidad de Chile. Santiago, CHILE FURTHER STUDIES: 2011/ 2012: Multimedia Graphic Design CNA – CEFAG Paris, FRANCE 2008 /Summer School: Silkscreen. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK 2006 / 2007 : Continuing studies Fine Arts. Heatherley’s Arts School, London, UK. SELECTED LATESTS EXHIBITIONS 2016 BARON ROUGE Paris. Exposition 2016 JEMA Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art. Paris Print Club 2015 OILL #9 « ON INVESTIT LES LIEUX » Espace Canal Saint Martin. 2015 ART NOW LONDON October 22 > 25 Bargehouse – Oxo Tower Wharf. 2015 Paris
PARIS PRINT CLUB oppening show.
2015 DRAPART guest artist /Supermarket Independent Art Fair, Stockholm. 2015 « 100 gravures 10 artistes #6» Galerie Goutte de Terre,Paris. 2015 VELLUM PROJECTS “New Print Horizons” March 26 /April 6 CENTRAL BOOKING GALLERY, NYC. 2015 THE (UN)SCENE ART SHOW Honoured Mention March 4-8 (Armory Arts Week) NYC. 2015 TARGET GALLERY – Torpedo Factory Virginia, United States. 2014 SLOW GALERIE Mail Art .Paris, France. 2014 JEMA Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art. le 42 Bis / Montreuil 2014 PAPERGIRL / Belfast, Ireland. 2013 Voy y Vuelvo / Galeria Casa Verde, Viña del Mar, Chili. 2012 Dix sur Dix / Centre International Les Récollets, Paris. 2012 Spitalfields Art Market Londres, UK 2012 
« 100 gravures 10 artistes #5» Galerie Goutte de Terre,Paris. 2012 ARTING galerie éphémère, La Défense, Paris.


The first time my parents realize that I was an artist, I was a child. It happened one time I got angry with them and painted an upside-down clown, on the wall of my bedroom. Since then I have never stopped creative ways to express myself. It’s not just anger that nourishes my need to create. Every time I’m overwhelmed by a feeling, I head straight to the studio, and I start printing on and on*, as some kind of self-relief exercise. I was born and raised in Chili, during the military dictatorship. I guess that growing up amidst the army is the reason why stars and wings are a constant reference in my work. One of the most influent moments of my country’s history was “the plebiscite”, when people voted to put an end to the military regime. Back then, when all the kids collected stickers, I was more interested in collecting propagandistic flyers. I have created a universe of characters inspired in vintage advertising and cartoons, which I used to watch in Chili during my childhood. I was specially impressed by a Tom & Jerry episode entitled «The Yankee Doodle Mouse». My black faces series evoke this particular episode. I like to play with the duality of the character’s face and the content of the image. Most of the people think at first sight, that my work is for kids, as they are colorful and seem to come from a joyful place. But when they take a look at them closely, they are able to see beyond the smile. My “let’s play war” series show disguised violence. This artworks demonstrate how we can accept it depending on the way it’s presented to us. This is my way of resistance against the logic of the capitalist market selling to us WAR TOYS, TV SHOWS & GAMES. I like paper, I love cardboard and packaging boxes inspire me. I recycle them, separating the inner layers of paper. I have chosen linocut as media to reproduce the images printed on their surface, such as signs and fonts. I'm currently working in FUN FAIR project. This is a participative performance project based in nonsense and unconscious violent behavior. Trough familiar and friendly images the public is invited to play with the artworks and feed, harm and kill characters. Is a reflection on the flow of violent images we are day to day exposed that make us insensitive and mindless. FUN FAIR is a disenchanted look at the path that is taking the politics and economy. We are no longer in control of our future so this project is looking forward to make an appeal to common people to ACT on behalf of peace and respect of the difference. Beware, the roles can change any moment, nowadays no one is safe.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists