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Lives and works at London, The UK

Born 22/01/1975


ZANARA /Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams/ Website: www.zanaraart.com Education: Present: 2015/17Canterbury Christ Church University MA Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred 2008-2009 University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK Master of Arts - Illustration 1997-2001 First Private Art Academy ''Jules Pascin'', Sofia, Bulgaria Bachelor of Arts - Fine Art 1989-1993 High School for Fashion and Design, Bulgaria Additional training 2011  Children development through books, rhymes and 2012  Philosophy 4 Children, Gallions Primary school        2014  Art Therapy courseCLaSS, London, UKstories, * * * Exhibitions and awards: Upcoming:  *** 2018   Participation at  Oxford International Art Fair 23-25 February 2018   Participation in a ''Country Far away Exhibition'', Germany Passed: 2016  Participation in Gallery 286 Christmas Exhibition, London, UK  2016  CHOSEN Winner at LATIN AMERICAN ILUSTRACIÓN. going to be part of the AI-AP’s winners collection The ARCHIVE in November 2016.  2016 Madonna show -100xartist The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London 2016 Participation London Book Fair, UK 2016 Participation Bologna Book Fair, Italy 2016 Solo Exhibition on invitation by BBR Foundation and BBR TV, host The Bulgarian Culture Institute London 2015 Member of SCBWI -  Society of Children Books Writers and Illustrators, USA-British Isle area 26th May  2016 -Solo exhibition and book launch at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London Art Trail East London, 2015 Open studios, William Morris Gallery, St. Barnabas Church Venue  2014-2015  Artist in Residence at Lloyd Park  Art Studios and William Morris Gallery 2014 Solo Exhibition at Winns Gallery, London 2014 Participation at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013 Participation at BIBIANA International House of Art for Children exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia  2013 Winns Gallery one man show, London, UK 2013  Efwa and the DRUMMING Tree -art project in collaboration with MFontaine, London, UK 2013 One man show at Leyton Library on invitation from Waltham Forest council -London, UK 2012 One man show at Bulgarian Cultural Institute -Berlin, Germany 2012 Images 36 ''Best of British Illustration 2012'' my piece was selected and  included in this year edition  2012 East 17 Art Trail -''Gifted'' the Mill and St, Saviour's church venue   2012 Member of AOI /the Association of Illustrators, UK 2012 My first book ''LOVE&MADNESS'' is published and available as an e-book. The book was presented at the annual meeting of SAPERE , the official charity for P4C in the UK. 2012 One man show at Bulgarian Cultural Institute-Bratislava, Slovakia 2011 Art of Brands, Berlin, Germany 2011 ''NICOLA'' Art Market, Earl's Court, London 2011 BBC big screen East London-some of my work has been featured and made into a short slot for BBC East London, UK 2011 Notting Hill Open Exhibition-Mayfest 2011, Sacred Space Gallery, London 2011 Featured for Drawing Dreams Foundation, CA, USA 2011 East London Mornings Project , UK 2011 Joined "What's It Like?" Community Perspective Project, Volume2, UK   2011 Member of  Leyton Community Gallery, East London, UK 2010 ''Volunteers on the Ramp Wall'' The Exchange'', Penzance, UK 2010 ''Spring Open Exhibition 2010'' St.Ives Society of Artists, St.Ives, UK 2010 ''Haiti art sale'' Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, UK 2009 "International fair contemporary arts of Senegal " Fiarcs" 2009 ''Award-North of the Wall -2009 Prize Other Works of Merit, UK 2004-2005 Cinema studio center 'Boyana' Sofia, Hallmark Production-Art and stage settings , Sofia, Bulgaria 2005 One-man show, Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria  2004 One-man show ''Art Gallery-Kempinsky Hotel-Zografsky'' Sofia, Bulgaria 2004 ''Participation in a National Exhibition Hall ''Landscape'' Exhibition Hall 'Shipka'  6 , Sofia, Bulgaria; 2004 ''Member of Union of Bulgarian Artists ''Sofia''Section 'Art' (part of the international association of art IAA/UNESCO) 2003 ''One-man show'' Art Gallery '' Le Boll'' - Vienna, Austria 2000 ''National Youth Exhibition - Art Gallery ''Shipka'' 6, Sofia, Bulgaria 2000 ''Foundation ''Jacques Cartier'' ''EXHIBITION 2000'' France 1999,1998''Participation in Collective Exhibition '' Russian Cultural Centre''Sofia, Bulgaria 1996 ''One-man show''Ikebana Centre''Sofia, Bulgaria Some of my pictures are in the possession of private collections in Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany and Bulgaria and also on display in the Musee International D’Art Naif, France, Musée d'Art Naïf International Yvon M. Daigle, Quebec, Canada. I also have work displayed at the world famous art library ''Bridgeman Art Library''


A spiritual search I perceive art creation as a spiritual search and a process of absolute honesty with oneself. Thus the artist must dive deep into the roots of his soul and mind without fearing what shall be discovered there. The artistic search is what is “teased out” from the inner Universe and what is seen and reflected through the personal prism. For me the process of creating art is a pure meditation, a trance bringing answers and a therapy for the soul, mine and of the viewer. I am looking for answers of the most profound questions since the beginning of our world; why we are here, what is the purpose of life, ect. And as general and vast it may sound; I am fascinated by ancient text, glyphs, pictograms and cave drawings. I come from a background with eclectic influences. With my roots, coming deep from a land of pagan rituals, dark stories, and mesmerizing traditions, naturally my main source of inspiration always has been the magical power of folklore, myths, legends and fairy tales. The core of my work is inspired by the human feelings, perceptions, and understandings of life. I am really drawn to the human kind ancestors and the heritage we still have to decode. I use the research use based on the pure naïve, unrefined indigenous art from North Amerika, Africa and Eastern Europe, its codded lost knowledge, secret messages and unprecedented art symbols. In my search for answers I have turned to the past, to the visual DNA of humankind, to those innocent, primitive and genuine art forms left from our ancestors. In my work I explore and re-read folklore stories, parables and indigenous art forms of all kinds, coming from all corners of the world. I am raising my artistic voice among many others, holding my silver fibre as an umbilical cord to my soul, flying and seeking for answers and telling my stories. ZanaRa /Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams/

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists